About Us

Pestlords Kustom Ltd is an established pest control company, certified by the pest control

product board (PCPB). Pestlords has been in operation since February 2013 and currently

operates from its head office, located along Rabai Road, Bururburu in Nairobi.



Pestlords Kustom Ltd first started providing pest control services in residential properties and

has over time, grown and expanded to commercial and institutional premises including the

provision of sanitary bin services. Pestlords Kustom Ltd attributes its growth to the support of

its esteemed customers.



Pestlords Kustom Ltd provides personalized services to its clientele by ensuring the job is

handled with the utmost professionalism and using environmentally friendly chemicals. In order

to guarantee the capability to meet its expanding base of client’s needs, Pestlords Kustom Ltd

over the next one year shall invest more in resources, technology and equipment as its

contribution to ensure continued customer satisfaction, which includes timely and effective

fumigation pest control and sanitary bins services.